Remembering Moshe Gottfried

Moshe Gottfried

Deceased’s Name: Moshe Gottfried

Deceased’s Hebrew Name:

Former Last Name:

Nick Name:Monek

Deceased Mother's Name: Brucha Kinrus

Deceased Father's Name: Shmuel Gottfried

Deceased Additional Parent's Name:

Deceased Date of Birth: November 24, 1920

City of Birth:

State of Birth:

Country of Birth:

Deceased Date of Death: July 22, 2007

Deceased Time of Death: before sunset

Deceased’s Synagogue Affiliation:

Deceased’s Synagogue Location:

Cemetery Name: Kibbutz Naan Cemetery

Cemetery City, State/Province: Kibbutz Naan, Israel

Cemetery Plot Number:


(Moshe Gottfried pictured with his first great granddaughter, Lia Ortner, in 2003)

Moshe Gottfried was born in Pinchov, Poland.  He was one of six children.  He worked in the family's bakery.  During the second world war he was incarcerated in a number of concentration camps.  He was eventually liberated from Theresienstadt. After the war he married Lea Pfeffer who was also a survivor.  In 1946 their first child, Bracha, was born in the D.P. Camp where they lived, in Weiden, Germany. In 1948 they emigrated to Israel, where their second daughter, Esther, was born.  They lived and worked in the Bronx during the 1960's.  Moshe returned to Israel with Lea in the early 1970's and lived in the Shikun Bavli section of Tel Aviv until his death.