Remembering Mr. Saul Myers

שלום ראובן בן ר' נח
Mr. Saul Myers

Deceased’s Name: Mr. Saul Myers

Deceased’s Hebrew Name: שלום ראובן בן ר' נח

Former Last Name:

Nick Name:

Deceased Mother's Name: Nettie Rothblum Myers

Deceased Father's Name: Nathan Myers

Deceased Additional Parent's Name:

Deceased Date of Birth: September 11, 1914

City of Birth:

State of Birth:

Country of Birth:

Deceased Date of Death: August 10, 2001

Deceased Time of Death: after sunset

Deceased’s Synagogue Affiliation: Temple Beth Joseph

Deceased’s Synagogue Location: Herkimer, NY

Cemetery Name: Oak Hill Cemetery

Cemetery City, State/Province: Herkimer, New York

Cemetery Plot Number: