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"רבי חנניא בן עקישיא אומר: רצה הקב"ה לזכות את ישראל, לפיכך הרבה להם תורה ומצות, שנאמר

    (ה' חפץ למען צדקו, יגדיל  תורה ויאדיר   (פרקי אבות

Rabbi Hananyah ben Akashyah taught: The Holy One, praised-be-He desired to benefit the people, Israel; therefore He gave them Torah and an abundance of mitzvot, as it is written: ‘The Lord was pleased, for His righteousness’ sake, to make the Torah great and glorious’.
(Ethics of the Fathers)


Traditionally, we remember the passing of our loved ones by learning Torah, a mitzvah  that ensures the transmission of our rich legacy to the next generation.  You,  too,  can perpetuate the memory of your loved ones and honor their commitment to Jewish continuity by supporting Torah study in Jerusalem.

We invite you to sponsor a day of study at the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center. For a one-time donation of $1800, we will dedicate a day of Torah study annually on the day of the yahrzeit, recite a tribute to your loved one and send you a yearly reminder of the yahrzeit date.  Your generosity funds interest-free loans for students in our Israel programs. The students will learn about their benefactors, thereby strengthening their ties to Torah. For more information about this mitzvah, please Click Here.

By supporting Jewish continuity, honoring and perpetuating the memory of a loved one and strengthening Conservative Judaism, we forge a partnership that transmits the legacy of Torah “midor l’dor” –    from generation to generation.

תזכה למצות
May you enjoy countless opportunities to perform mitzvot.

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