Conservative Yeshiva

The Conservative Yeshiva offers Jews of all backgrounds the skills for studying Jewish texts in a supportive Jewish community. We are a vibrant, open-minded, fully egalitarian community of committed Jews who learn, practice, and grow together. Learning is lishma, for its own sake, without exams or papers. Learning in Judaism is a lifelong process, and the learning of traditional Jewish texts requires skills of language and methodology. Our goal is to give students the ability and the desire to continue Jewish learning and practice throughout their lives.

The Conservative Yeshiva offers a synthesis of traditional and critical methods, allowing Jewish texts and tradition to encounter social change and modern scholarship. The curriculum focuses on classical Jewish subjects, including Talmud, Tanach (Bible), Halacha (Jewish Law), and Philosophy.

Since its founding in 1995 to meet the need for serious learning in an co-educational and open-minded environment, the Conservative Yeshiva has grown ten-fold, moved into a new Beit Midrash, and established a reputation for a learned and supportive faculty, highly motivated students, in-depth learning, and a welcoming community.

Is the Conservative Yeshiva for Me?

  •     If you are interested in Jewish learning in an open-minded, egalitarian environment, the Conservative Yeshiva is for you.
  •     If you are looking for a dynamic community of men and women who are also journeying on the path of Jewish commitment, the Conservative Yeshiva is for you.
  •     If you want to spend time studying, just for the sake of learning, the Conservative Yeshiva is for you.
  •     If you want to live in Jerusalem and experience life in Israel, the Conservative Yeshiva is for you.
  •     If you already have a background in Jewish studies and want to deepen and broaden your knowledge, the Conservative Yeshiva is for you.
  •     If you have any other questions about what the Conservative Yeshiva can offer you, please feel free to ask.

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