Welcome to Blessed Memory: a Jewish space where you can honor and share the memory of your deceased loved ones.

In Judaism there is a focus on carrying on the memory of those who have passed away. Blessed Memory enhances this meaningful tradition by bringing it into the digital age.

Blessed Memory is a memorial for your loved ones in the tradition of the yahrzeit plaques found in the sanctuaries of many synagogues. (Once you have purchased a plaque commemorating your loved one, it will be viewable on the Blessed Memory website). It will also be highlighted on the front page of the site during his or her yahrzeit.

Observing the yahrzeit, the anniversary of a person’s death according to the Hebrew calendar, is a centuries-old Jewish practice. We acknowledge the loss of a loved one, and honor their memory, by reciting the Mourner's Kaddish in synagogue, lighting a candle that burns for twenty-four hours, and giving tzedakah (charity).

Blessed Memory is for anyone who seeks to maintain a Jewish tribute to their departed loved ones, including synagogues and individuals.

And just as generations of Jews have longed for a connection to Israel after death, Blessed Memory, hosted and displayed at United Synagogue’s Fuchsberg Jerusalem  Center, provides this link to families around the world.